Samuel pepys essay
Trustworthiness and gratefulness

The following essay is about how are values related to the story, more specifically trustworthiness and gratefulness.

First the story is about the diary of the main character, there he Expresses every though of itself  and all the events occurring at that time.
The story is developed in the 17th century in London. Where monarchy at that time was performed.

This diary was kept a secret , pepys was widely open about all his feelings and thoughts regarding to everything that happened on this city. He spoke about what were his interests and behaviors, what he usually did on regular days and every other stuff. The story is divided into three parts.
*The coronation of the king
*Great London Fire
*Domestic affairs

Personally Samuel Pepys by the way it wrote the whole story , you can notice that he felt thankfulness and was trustworthy, however in this second value, it is a little tricky because it depends on the matter of fact in the story.

what virtue must everyone has so Earth can be a better place to live in

The following essay takes a look at a topic that must concern to every human being, and this is because it any way or another has repercussions on each and everyone of us.

This topic is intolerance and selfishness, because these two qualities have to do with the origin of one of the most important issues humanity is facing nowadays. Violence and climate changes
Currently planet Earth is passing through a lot of changes ( in all of its areas due to evolution) and most parts of it (referring to countries), are getting through a series of situations that are not the best. And this complicated situations  are damaging the whole planet at different levels affecting every living being in this place.
And this is due to bad actions that took time a long time ago and the concequences are having place now.
This situations are the catastrophies that everyday are getting harsher such as hurricanes , droughts , tornados , floods, etc.  even though there are more and more measurements in order to …
                     The Chinamitos

This leyend is about some mysterious bodies that had ugly features and small appereance.
They had very long hair , and its color could change in order for them to hide themselves from people.
Long nails and huge , ans amorphic noses.
This story takes place in Latin America for their large Catholic population.
They have very bad intentions towards kids and babies who haven't done the religious ceremony of baptism.
Many elder people tell that those evil creatures took away kids for they to eat and give their souls to the devil as a sacrifice.
But not all of the chinamitos had bad intentions, some of them just liked to fool around many places , hiding personal stuff from people and robbing them as well. They can show out at plenty of places , unless these locations had been visited by some religious figure , such as a priest.
this legend is created in order to create awareness about the vitality of having god in life's of people so nothing could harm s…
My name is Vanessa Villamizar, I was born in a southern american country called Colombia.
Colombia is a beautiful country with a considerable geographic space. This nation shares boundaries with four different countries, Panama at the North that once was part of Colombia, Venezuela at the East side, Ecuador at the West side and finally Brazil.
I think Colombia is such an amazing country because of all the richness it has in many areas, first the diversity in vegetation and natural places such as el desierto en La Guajira, La Sierra Nevada , Santa Marta , the forests at El Amazonas and the Pacific Region, and plenty of other scenarios where everyone can evidence flora and fauna and  natutal resources as well , which Colombia outstands to have  because of the highest number of frog species in the world and flora has the largest amount of orquidia flowers in the world. These are facts that prove why Colombia is such a rich country.
Another amazing thing about this incredible place is tha…
It all began when my parents meet and then had me 16 years ago in August 9 of 2002.
I lived in Barranquilla until I was nine years old when my parents got divorced , from then I have always been moving to other places have lived in manizales and also in another country that is Venezuela, specifically in Margarita Island.
There in Venezuela i Made mostrar of my friends that I still in touch with and that I really miss a lot.
Now I'm on senior year and I am excited that I am going to graduate but also scared, I think I am too young to face some things , however I hope until June of 2019 I have figured out everything.
My favorite activities to do are watching Netflix I love documentaries because I think I learn a lot,  reading because of all the new words I learn and acquire as well knowledge.
I like being a responsible person, to do all my tasks when I have to and I am trying to be more organized lately.
I spent summer with my best friends in Venezuela I went to the beach a lot, ate…
Discrimination is a social problem that has been seen since historians can take track of human kind. Discrimination can be' performed ' towards men and women that have any type of condition or characteristics , and however along the time the stigma that men are the ones who are in charge of the leadership slowly has been slowly modified, there's a lot to be fixed.
Causes of rejection in women all over concentrates in that the society we live in , is commanded by a patriarchy mentality. And the definition of patriarchy is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it, and it basically explains why women are discriminated and restricted to many work related activities and labeled to do certain things and to act in determinating ways.
The first examples of this is that many companies don't allow women to be their leaders, they lowkey do not accept that they are capable of doing "men's job" effectively by…
The following text is going to be about a controversial and sensible topic, and that is violence against women and children worldwide. And in order to accomplish this task , also this text is going to be providing real life examples of the many forms of violence all around the world.

It is good to expose that any treatment such as bashing and shaming is considered a violent act.

But after explaining all this, there is no lie that since the beginning, the image society has about women is that they are the vulnerable gender.
Even though nowadays the stigma of being the inferior being has been slowly clarified, through all the feminists movements, campaigns, advertisements, the society we live in still tolerates the fact that women are mistreated in plenty forms , and many of the time violently. For instance, women for not being as "though" as men are  seen as not capable of accomplishing as many as goals as men and even to perform some activities as effective as men.